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First of all, this is just something I've been writing during my freetime in school. so dont judge harshly.

Secondly, this is just what I would think the game wouldve been like in first person from a fifth persons view. I think the black ops zombies game is a very interesting game that takes alot of skill to be good at and alot of time to unravel. The story within the game is what has always been so adicting to me.

Lastly, I dont know where im supposed to submit this to so its just going to my journal

Here we go...

The zombie's repetitive screams rattled my brain. I wanted nothing more than to end their suffering, to destroy their life in hell. They couldn't live while I did, but that was to both of our likings. I saw the hate in their eyes. And the last thing they saw was the sorrow in mine. I can't say the same for my team though, they are a rowdy bunch, who kill in cold blood. But they keep me alive, so I won't hate. Lately I've begun to think that our leader is plotting something. I don't know yet, but it still creeps me out. Any thought of mutiny though is instantly moved out of your head. He knows too much about this plague to be natural, he must have been part of this. Blast it all though, we're arriving at our new stakeout spot.
"This is shi no numa, a large outpost my comrades were stationed at before the outbreak, the infected run free through this place now. We must retake it if we wish to survive"
We have to live by captain's word. "DIE, DIE, DIE!!!" screamed the American soldier. He fought alongside me and four others. He remained nameless to me, but from what his file said his name was Tank, Tank Dempsey. It seems more like a codename or something along those lines. He was a war soldier who never stopped fighting, if there was a war he would be there fighting it, winning it. He had once been captured during a recon mission, in his captivity; he waited until the perfect time to break out, slitting the guards' throat and using the guard's gun to kill everyone within the containment.  He racked up zombie kills faster than I could count. But it's not like we weren't all doing that. He held a mysterious gun that origin remains a mystery to me; a little pistol that carried 160 rounds of green explosive bullets. No zombie stood a chance against it.
We were on our ways to the captain's office when he shouted over the sounds of the guns "shoot off their legs, another wave of them won't come until there all dead!" it wasn't long before we had a group of zombies with no legs. "Now kill them all… except for one" he was right, for some strange reason no zombies came at us. Weird.
The captain's office was a strange place, not what I expected of a murderous German scientist, very organized and unsoiled. Like all places now though it smelled of death and decay. We were about to leave when the captain spotted a red glow out in the distance. It was pulsating like something very unnatural. "AHHHH… I need this for my research!" the captain said with a hint of joy in his voice. He then announced "We shall be staying in the area for a while, sharpen your knives and count your ammo, for tonight we kill." Tank had no problem with that; he set off immediately back to the truck to get supplies. One of our comrades thought differently, "We cannot stay here! It's not fit for a warrior of my stature."  The man stood towards the back of the group. I had yet to see this man's eyes; he remained a mystery to me. "Shut up Takeo!"  Was all the response he got.  
Takeo was a dark man, from what his files said he was an elite officer in his ranks and a soulless cold blooded killer. He is very high on his pride and lets it get in his way at times, but his skills make him an expert at killing the undead. His files don't say much about him… other traces of random information have said that as a kid he would cut off the tails kittens… that's messed up and unhelpful.
Tank came back around with a few pistol rounds and 5 M19's "that's all we have left" tank must've been pissed about that because he came back around and took the crawling zombie by the head and snapped its neck. "DEMPSY!!! Now we have to kill more of them!" Now Richtofen was pissed, this was going to be a fun wave of zombies.
A horde started to limp their way out of the bushes. We could smell them from here, rotting flesh and dead spirit. We moved upwards back into the middle of the camp, there was a lookout outpost that we barricaded ourselves in. "Headshot, Headshot, Headshot!!!!" sounded like tank was doing well. "That was a lucky shot." sounded like Takeo wasn't.
I tried to talk to our fifth member but The Dr. pulled me aside, "this barricade is not going to hold long, find another way out before they make their way in." The building we were in was built for research not for keeping the undead. I walked down to where Dempsey was at; near him was a closed gate. It wasn't optimal but it was the only door that wasn't being swarmed by zombies. I went back to report my findings to the Dr.. I was just about to turn the corner when a horde of them came at me through an open window. "Don't worry I got 'em!" Dempsey comes up with a kar, a single shot rifle made by the Nazi Germans, and takes three of them out with one shot. The last one I took out with a knife. "Where did you get that?" I asked I wanted to know where I could get more firepower like that; the pistols weren't having much of an effect on the zombies anymore. "I don't know I just got pushed into the wall and when I came up this gun was in my hands, cool huh?" "Yeah..."
"Interesting, it seems that Maxis has been kind to us. His use of the 115 still astonishes me."
After we discovered the 115 mounted guns we left through the metal gate and traveled down a stairway. There was a way back to where we had blocked off the entrance from here. This was the center, four unopened gates led the way to different parts of the area, and the Dr. had said we would have to travel to each of them before we could leave.
"Nikolai, can you come help me open this box?" Dempsey called from inside the fort to us, the darker man that I had not yet met walked in through a clearing. While they tried to figure that out, I figured out the landscape. Where we were now was a grassy clearing near an opening to the fort. This place was definitely not prepared for any sort of attack, least of all zombies. There were some strange things though, that would come in use. A flogger was set up over one of the four entrances; I bet it would fling zombies pretty far. And a zip line was set up to a cabin on the far side of one of the gates, probably just used for convenience before the attack. When I went up to it, it was jammed, probably a problem I could only fix from the other end.
Gunshots came out from in the fort, it was probably nothing but I went to see what was happening. Takeo had joined the help in breaking open the box and had shot off the lock that was holding it. "What's in it?" I asked. What could possibly be in that box if Takeo thought it was important? "Shut up!!! The Dr. Must not be disturbed!" was he referring to himself? He opened it up slowly and from inside the box a glowing yellow light rose up and a million guns started flashing in front of us. "Sweet" Dempsey said quietly to his self as he reach for a gun. When he touched one it stopped and as he pulled out the flame thrower the box closed itself. When Dempsey tried to open it again he couldn't. "What the hell! Stupid box." This was kind of strange, but not something that couldn't be figured out. "Somebody else touch it now." Nikolai kicks the box and it opens back up spinning another wheel of guns. This weird sound can now be heard coming out of the box. It sounded like a kid playing sad music on a piano. "What is that music? It sucks!" Stated Nikolai. Nikolai was carrying a couple bottles with him; I can guess what there filled with.
We were all well-equipped Dempsey kept his knife and his M2 flamethrower close by, while Takeo never took his eyes out of the sights of his M14 Garand, a fast but still single shot assault rifle. Me? I took a sniper rifle that could bring down a line of zombies in a single shot. The Dr. must have stashed that little gun from earlier because he came up with a red and green alien looking pistol. The bullets it fired were even stranger green and slow, but explosive! I think though Nikolai got the best gun out of all us, a monster of a gun that fired a mass of lightning! The strange bullet traveled from one zombie to another, frying them from the inside out. "What an exquisite way to die!" said the doctor in joy. The only backside to it was cooked zombie smelled even worse than regular zombies; I didn't think that was possible. I was about to replace my pistol with a gun from the box when instead of a gun a teddy bear appeared.
Hee, hee, hee….. BYE, BYE!!!
The box left in a flash of silent lightning, "What the hell was that?!" Dempsey shouted over the swamp. "Nice going Krona. Now how do we get weapons" said Nikolai, looking like he wanted to drown me in the swamp. That voice was inhuman, it sounded like a little girl laughing but then sounded maniacal when it swept the box away. The yellow glow could now be seen farther off in the swamp. "Hey, It's over there now!"

and thats all I have written, I will write more whether you think i should or think I shouldnt.


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